Help Adam recover.....


Sponsor Spotlight: ONE GIFTED ARTIST..

 Sponsor Spotlight: Titan Outdoors is blessed to have one of the most gifted airbrush artists around as one of our sponsors and closest friends.


 We are happy to announce that the Next Titan Outdoors DVD is in the works....... Not sure just yet when it will be done but I'm worken on it lol.......

What a year, Thank GOD it's about over...

I havent been on here for a while and I'm sorry for that. This has been the absolute worst year of my life, personal and hunting and I'm ready for this year to be over and a new one to get started. I have found out who my true friends are this year and the one NOT. I learned its not always good to trust people and give them a chance because sometimes people are out to take what you have built in life and they will lie their asses off to get it lol,,, I also learned the truth always comes out and people get what they deserve...

It's Time to HUNT!!!

 Enough screwing around,,,, It's time to get out there and HUNT!!!!!! Shawn and I are off on a bear hunt this weekend with our friend Jeremy up north. Adam will be in another area looking to take down a bear as well. Hopfully someone gets a bear down on film this weekend!!! Best of luck to all of you out there hunting. Hunt hard, Hunt safe and Stay Addicted.


Horns and Hooks Magazine

Hey everyone, be sure to hit the link below, "LIKE & check out the NEW Western Outdoor Adventure Magazine "Horns and Hooks" . It's a great new magazine filled full of great stories written by hunters and fishermen just like you.
In fact if you inspire to be a writer you can submit your story and photos to them and it may just grace the future pages of Horns and Hooks!!!
Show them some love, go "LIKE" their page now and get a subscription to the BEST NEW Magazine on the market today!!!

Multi Season..

Drew the multi season Deer and Elk tags this year... Now,,, am I going to get them both or??? Hmmm. I think I'm just going to get the Elk tag but we will see..................................

Sponsor Spotlight (Olympic Arms)

Sponsor Spotlight of the week is: Olympic Arms "GameStalker".
Quite easily one of the best new hunting rifles on the market today,
the Olympic Arms "GameStalker" AR line is making waves in the hunting world. With their tough look and sharp shooting these AR's are built to take on whatever game your after.

My first year archery deer hunting !!!

I spent most of my time behind the camera this year and not a lot of time hunting. Thank goodness I drew the multi season tag for deer this year or I might not have hunted for deer at all in Washington. Late archery season came around and I finally had time to got out and see what I could come up with, I was hunting and filming on my own after work so I didn't have a lot of options.

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