About Us


In 2005 Chris Meyer, founder of Titan Outdoors, had a dream to produce a Washington State hunting DVD that would showcase a variety of game animals from the tough terrain and harsh conditions of Washington State. That dream came true and in 2006 the first Titan Outdoors Addicted DVD hit the store shelves.
With tremendous support from our viewers and sponsors we went hard to work on the next DVD, with great success we were able to top our first release with an action packed Titan Outdoors Addicted 2 in 2008. 
Addicted 3 has recently been  released with even more exciting hunts from Western Washington and Eastern Washington including hunts from Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.
Along with having dedicated family lives and full time day jobs, we are everyday sportsman that enjoy being in the great outdoors. Whether we harvest a monster bull or a rag horn, miss a nice buck or go home with our tags notched, we believe that every hunt is a success in itself and every harvest has its own special meaning as a trophy regardless of its size.
We love what we do and enjoy sharing our experiences with others. Like a lot of hunters, we pursue a wide variety of game animals year round including Roosevelt Elk, Blacktail Deer, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Cougar, Coyotes, Turkey and more....
Team Titan is dedicated to providing you with very real, exciting and action packed hunts that include the kill shot!!!
We hope you enjoy the Titan Outdoors DVD's, for questions or comments , click on contact us and send us an email. 
You are also more than welcome to post a picture of you and your kill on our "brag board" page.
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Thank you for stopping by Titan Outdoors.com From our family to yours, hunt hard and stay Addicted!!!
Meet Team Titan
Chris Meyer:  Founder, Executive Producer, Head Pro Staff Member & Cameraman of Titan Outdoors

 I'm a regular guy with a dedicated family life & a normal day job just like most of you... I was introduced to deer hunting at the age of 13 by my step father Jim Wood and my grandfather George Meyer.  My love for hunting and the outdoors soon branched into Bear, Coyote, Cougar and Elk hunting. In 2005 my passion for the outdoors and my drive to do more prompted the idea of a Washington State hunting DVD, soon there after Titan Outdoors was born. It has been a long road, I have learned a lot along the way and I'm still learning. I enjoy sharing the footage we capture on film with you and I'm dedicated to bringing you quality hunting footage that include the kill shots. I wish you all great success in your hunting seasons and hope you enjoy watching ours...............



Adam Mehrer:  Lead Pro Staff Member, Cameraman for Titan Outdoors


Adam joined the team in 2008.  He has been hunting most of his life. At 14 had his first successful deer hunt and has been addicted to the sport ever since. He is the proud father of his beautiful daughter "Juwelz".                                                                                                                   

Adam was born and raised in Washington State. His first real experiences of being in the mountains was on gold prospecting trips with his father. He would run up and down the banks fishing and just being a kid. When he got older he spent alot of time in the outdoors.  He has enjoyed several amazing experiences while in the wilderness, and now loves the challanges of being able to film and share our  hunting experiences with all of you!



Skylar Masters: Pro staff & cameraman for Titan Outdoors


Skylar has been with Team Titan since 2014. Growing up in Washington State, he feels fortunate to have spent a lot of his childhood in the outdoors. Fishing and camping with his dad and grandpa are some of his fondest memories! It wasn’t till he met his future father-in-law that he would discover he not only had a passion for fishing, but he had a strong passion for hunting as well. Skylar has a very supportive wife and a daughter that shares his craving for everything outdoors. There is no off season for Sky and his daughter Ashley. They are constantly hunting, fishing and planning for their next adventure. It is unlikely that you will find him on the mountains or on the river without his daughter by his side. Sky looks forward to capturing outdoor adventures on film to share with all of you.



Ashley Masters: Pro staff & camera girl for Titan Outdoors 

Ashley is one of our youngest team members. But don’t let her age fool you, she started going on hunting and fishing trips with her dad at a very early age and completed Hunters Education at 10 years old. From grouse hunting to big game hunting, she has many successful hunts under her belt. Besides hunting, fishing and photography, she spends a lot of her time studying and traveling the United States competing in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and Microsoft events. She has earned seven State titles and two National titles in Microsoft Excel and Word. Ashley is not one to shy away from adventure and welcomes new challenges. She looks forward to photographing and filming hunts for Titan Outdoors as well as helping out at events such as the “Lil Titans” Hunt For Our Future.